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Joint Filling control joints

Concrete Joint Fill

Control joints are areas in the concrete either saw cut or tooled in. Most all concrete has these lines in the concrete. For commercial warehouse space where forklift traffic and other heavy machinery are running, its imperative to have these joints filled with a flexible joint filler. 

Colorado Concrete Restoration uses the newest HTS High Tech Joint poly pump, capable of filling up to 7,000 LF per day. Our machine runs off a battery, so we do not need to run cords throughout the warehouse to get your joints filled. 

We use a moisture – insensitive, self leveling, no staining 100% solids filler. Our filler meets both USDA and FDA requirements. We can return to service in 1 hour. 

If you are looking to have your joints filled in your commercial location, give us a call for a Free no obligation quote: 303-222-0061