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Welcome to Colorado Concrete Restoration, the ultimate destination for Professional Polished Concrete services and the leading garage floor installer in Colorado, serving our valued users with top-notch services! Located in Metro Denver area.


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Looking to have your Concrete in your home or business Polished? 

Give Us a call. We can take that old worn down concrete floor and turn it into something stunning.  Beyond its stunning visual look, polished concrete boasts a low-maintenance benefit, and a cost effective solution. We have a number of options for Polished concrete, and can also add coloring into the finished work, to match your needs. 

Our skilled professionals will deliver a flawlessly polished concrete floor, that will withstand the test of time. Whether you’re seeking to revitalize your residential space, make a lasting impression in your commercial location, or fortify your industrial floors, we can make it happen.  Polished concrete floors provide low maintenance, are cost effective, and provide an aesthetically appealing concrete space. 

At Colorado Concrete Restoration we use State of the art Polishing equipment from Sase , and use the best products to ensure you have a floor that will last. We polish concrete floors of any size, and type. Give us a call for a Free estimate. 

What Exactly is Polished Concrete?

Concrete that has undergone a number of mechanically ground “polishing/grinding” procedures utilizing specialized concrete polishing machinery is referred to as polished concrete. A concrete densifier/hardener is also used in this process; it penetrates the concrete and, through a chemical reaction, hardens and dust-proofs the surface. During our Concrete Polishing Services, the concrete substrate surface is treated utilizing a progression of phases using increasingly finer grinding tools (in general, polished concrete requires a minimum of 6–8 grinding steps of processing). The grinding tools are diamond polishing pads, which are bonded materials made of metal/hybrid/resin and industrial diamonds in progressively finer grits. A burnisher is used in the last step with a 1500 or 3000 pad. This is used to give it that extra shine, and protect the floor.

Concrete is frequently finished to either 800, 1500, or 3000 grit, even though it is not considered polished until it reaches 800 grit. Concrete polishing dyes are frequently used to add color to polished concrete, along with other options like scoring, to create radial lines, grids, bands, borders, and other designs. 

Why Choose Polished Concrete?

Simply put, our concrete polishing services make porous concrete floors tighter and solid enough to keep out water, oil, and other contaminates.

It has a wonderful, polished appearance. To match any color scheme, it can be dyed. Polished concrete is timeless, much like marble. Polished concrete can come in different gloss readings depending on the Class of concrete your looking for.

It is incredibly strong and resilient and can support the weight and strain of large machinery. It is difficult to scratch the surface.

Concrete that has been polished requires less upkeep and is easier to clean. No more sweeping or frequent waxing will be required. A simple hot water, or neutral PH cleaning agent will do the work on a polished concrete floor.

A polished concrete floor with proper maintenance can last for many years. Refurbishing costs a tiny fraction of what other methods do, considerably extending life. With minimal service of hot water or a neutral PH cleaning agent, you can keep your polished concrete floors looking great for years.

The majority of polished concrete floor installations are affordable. The savings increase significantly when you factor in maintenance costs over a lifetime.

Concrete that has been properly polished may be nearly fluid-resistant, forming watertight barriers to keep contaminants out of the concrete.

As soon as the process is finished, the polished concrete pieces can be used. Even when the facility is still in use, it can be put into practice.

High light reflectance is another important characteristic that gives establishments like offices, shops, and restaurants an air of brightness, cleanliness, and professionalism.



On our hangar floor, the whole staff did a fantastic job. The best in their field, these people are professionals. Unexpected problems were handled right away, and fixes were discovered and put into place. We respected their “can do” attitude. These guys are a breath of fresh air in today’s world of subpar quality and several businesses providing justifications for subpar workmanship!


The team did an exceptional job with the garage floor. They ensured that I fully comprehended the product I was getting and the advantages of using the materials they chose. Throughout the process, their crew remained focused, readily available for any inquiries or concerns I had. The outcome they delivered is truly remarkable—a stunning floor that not only looks incredible but was also executed flawlessly using the appropriate materials. I couldn’t have asked for a more positive and satisfying experience.


What an incredible company! Words cannot do justice to my experience with them. The level of professionalism exhibited by their team was exceptional, and the results they delivered were of the highest quality. The owner personally ensured that my needs were met, consistently communicating with me throughout the entire process. The garage floor surpassed all my expectations. I wholeheartedly recommend this company without any hesitation.


OUR PROCESS for Concrete Polishing

We are proud of the work we do.

Colorado Concrete Polishing Service

Establish a solid and clean foundation for Polished concrete, we meticulously grind and fill any cracks or holes in the conrete surface.

Depending on the overall project, we usually start with 80 Metals, then switch to resins 100, 200, 400, 800,1500, 3000

We apply a densifier after 200 resins, and the guard / sealer after 1500 or 3000 for that last bit of protection and added shine to the Polished concrete floor.

Concrete Polishing Services in Denver, Colorado

Colorado Concrete Restoration prides itself on meticulous craftsmanship and cutting-edge technology in concrete polishing services across Denver, Colorado.

Key Services:

  • Concrete Polishing Denver Colorado:

The transformation of dull floors into polished masterpieces will elevate the aesthetic appeal of your home.
Premium Concrete Polishing

  • Service in Colorado:

We specialize in delivering top-notch concrete polishing services tailored to our Denver clientele’s unique demands.

  • Durable Results:

Our commitment goes beyond aesthetics; we provide durable and long-lasting solutions for commercial, industrial, and residential applications.

Our seasoned team is committed to bringing new life to your concrete surfaces, ensuring they become a testimony to quality and sophistication.


OUR Concrete polished FLOOR service IS THE BEST IN colorado.

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We use state of the art concrete grinders for our polishing service. You may rely on the long-term service we offer.

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