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Our residential garage floor coating customers enjoy the advantage of our extensive knowledge in industrial and commercial floor coatings. To ensure effective coating installation, we apply the same proven installation procedures and techniques that we have mastered over the years.

Our 15+ years of extensive experience in industrial / commercial floor coatings serve our customers who need residential garage floor coating. We use the SAME tried-and-true installation procedures and techniques to ensure efficient coating installation. For every one of our industrial, business, and governmental clients, our best practices constantly result in exceptional results. We are confident they will deliver the same outstanding results in your garage at home.

We only utilize heavy-duty, industrial-grade epoxy flooring products from a select group of manufacturers. not the garage floor or epoxy paint kits sold at hardware and home improvement stores. These garage floor paint or epoxy kits lack the industrial-grade, often 100 percent solid epoxy coatings’ bonding power, UV resistance, chemical resistance, abrasion/impact resistance, or overall endurance.

We diamond grind every garage floor utilizing our powerful Husqvarna and Lavina concrete grinders, both new and used, to provide the best bonding strength. Any open cracks, splits, or surface faults are repaired using industrial-grade concrete repair products. We can provide our garage floor coating customers industry-leading warranties with the right preparation. Cutting corners when applying floor coatings could result in serious problems and increased costs. To get it done right the first time, pick Nevin Garage, your go-to expert for epoxy garage floor coating.

Every garage design requires an excellent floor. Give your garage floor a fresh, attractive appearance while also increasing its lifespan with the help of Nevin Garage! We feel good about the work we do. For this reason, we provide a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee; if you’re not happy for any reason, we’ll work with you to make things right.

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On our hangar floor, the whole staff did a fantastic job. The best in their field, these people are professionals. Unexpected problems were handled right away, and fixes were discovered and put into place. We respected their “can do” attitude. These guys are a breath of fresh air in today’s world of subpar quality and several businesses providing justifications for subpar workmanship!


The team did an exceptional job with the garage floor. They ensured that I fully comprehended the product I was getting and the advantages of using the materials they chose. Throughout the process, their crew remained focused, readily available for any inquiries or concerns I had. The outcome they delivered is truly remarkable—a stunning floor that not only looks incredible but was also executed flawlessly using the appropriate materials. I couldn’t have asked for a more positive and satisfying experience.


What an incredible company! Words cannot do justice to my experience with them. The level of professionalism exhibited by their team was exceptional, and the results they delivered were of the highest quality. The owner personally ensured that my needs were met, consistently communicating with me throughout the entire process. The garage floor surpassed all my expectations. I wholeheartedly recommend this company without any hesitation.



We are proud of the work we do.

Epoxy flooring professionals:

To establish a solid and clean foundation for epoxy adhesion, we meticulously grind and clean the concrete surface.

Apply the foundation coat of epoxy on the first day, and when it dries, grind once more.

Polish and clean it after the last application of epoxy has dried.

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Frequently Asked Questions


Professional installers of garage floor coatings employ high-solids epoxy resins, whereas DIY kits generally consist of epoxy paint, a water-based paint with a small addition of epoxy resin solely for marketing purposes. It is important to note that the inclusion of the term “epoxy” on the label enables its sale. Furthermore, there exists a substantial disparity between the level and caliber of preparatory work that skilled installers can accomplish.

Epoxy is a two-part product comprised of an epoxy resin (referred to as Part A) and a hardener (Part B). Prior to usage, these two components must be combined. It is important to emphasize that high-quality epoxies, unlike paint, are characterized by being high-solids, often reaching a solids content of 98-100 percent. This means they do not contain any water or other substances that evaporate, and the two components remain in a liquid state until they are mixed together. Once the epoxy and hardener are combined, the epoxy undergoes a curing process, and the components start to cross-link. The inherent strength of epoxy stems from this cross-linking phenomenon.

On the other hand, paint is typically a water-based acrylic latex substance. When a thin layer of paint is applied to a surface, the water in the paint evaporates, causing the paint to dry. Unlike epoxy, when paint is applied to a floor or wall, it tends to become significantly thinner as it dries compared to its wet state.

Certainly! Like paint, epoxy is available in a range of types and brands, offering different price points and quality levels. If you are thinking of coating your garage floor, it is crucial to select a contractor who utilizes high-quality, non-water-based epoxy materials. This ensures that you achieve the best results and a durable finish for your garage floor.

The initial step in any garage floor coating process involves using a concrete grinder equipped with metal-bonded diamond tools. This grinding action serves to open up the pores of the concrete, abrade the surface, and eliminate any impurities like oil, dirt, or grease. You can think of this technique as analogous to sanding a wooden surface before applying paint or stain. Subsequently, any holes or cracks present are repaired and smoothed out. Prior to the application of the coating, the floor is thoroughly swept, cleaned, and possibly washed to ensure optimal adhesion.

During the concrete grinding process, a powerful industrial vacuum is typically connected to the grinder to prevent concrete dust from being released into the air. This vacuum system effectively minimizes airborne dust particles. However, it is possible for some dust to escape. If you wish to avoid dust settling on your belongings, it is advisable to either relocate them from the garage or cover them with plastic sheets as a precautionary measure during this procedure. By taking these precautions, you can help protect your items from potential dust exposure.

The number of coating layers applied depends on the specific system you select. Our entry-level coating consists of a single layer of epoxy with a partial spread of colored vinyl flakes, followed by a clear top coat of high-solids urethane that includes a traction-enhancing ingredient.

For our popular Gold System, it involves the application of one base layer of epoxy with a full broadcast of vibrant vinyl flakes. This is followed by a clear grout coat of polyaspartic and topped off with a final layer of high-solids urethane.

These different coating systems offer various levels of protection, visual appeal, and durability. You can choose the system that best suits your preferences and requirements for your garage floor.

The duration for prepping and coating your garage floor can vary, typically ranging up to four days. This timeframe is contingent upon factors such as the size of the garage, the initial quality of the concrete surface, and the specific epoxy technique employed. It is important to consider these variables when planning for the project timeline.

Once the coating process is completed, you should be able to walk on your newly coated floor the following day. However, it is recommended to allow a curing period of 48 hours before placing heavy items like work benches and freezers on the floor. For parking vehicles on the coated surface, it is advisable to wait for a minimum of 72 hours to ensure proper curing and optimal durability. It’s important to follow these guidelines to allow sufficient time for the coating to fully set and provide long-lasting performance.

We provide a lifetime warranty for our garage floor coating, ensuring that it will never peel. While the top coat may gradually lose its gloss over time, you can expect your coating to last for a minimum of 15-20 years. This warranty guarantees the durability and longevity of the coating, giving you peace of mind and confidence in the quality of our product.

If you notice signs of wear and a decrease in the luster of your garage floor coating, it is possible to restore its appearance by following a few steps. Firstly, performing a deep cleaning of the floor is recommended. Next, the surface can be lightly abraded to prepare it for a new top coat. By applying a fresh top coat, you can rejuvenate the floor’s appearance. Generally, with proper maintenance, your floor should last for a minimum of 15 years before requiring a new top coat. Following these maintenance procedures can help extend the lifespan and visual appeal of your garage floor coating.

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