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Welcome to Colorado Concrete Restoration, the ultimate destination for garage enthusiasts and the leading garage floor installer in Colorado, serving our valued users with top-notch services! Located in Metro Denver area.

Arvada Colorado Custom Floor Coatings

Does your garage, basement, porch or patio floor have cracks, stains, and damage? If you can no longer stand the way your flooring looks then it’s time to consider polyurea flooring. Colorado Concrete Restoration Floor Coatings specializes in providing Arvada residents with polyurea flooring designed with advanced curing and hardening technology. We recommend polyurea over polyurethane and other options due to its ability to withstand chemicals, oils, and gas. Within hours, homeowners will be able to use the flooring again and can enjoy the look of a new floor for years to come. If you want to enhance your garage floor, basement, porch, or patio, Colorado Concrete Restoration Floor Coatings has a solution for you!

Garage Floor Custom Floor Coating

Have you been dealing with a basement that is prone to water problems, cracks, and looks unappealing? Most basements are finished with concrete, normally a dull grey coloring. Coating the basement floor will protect it from water, and gives the room an immediate facelift. Colorado Concrete Restoration Coatings provides a durable finish, making it an ideal solution for high-traffic basements. With a wide range of color and design options, basements can be turned into unique rooms designed as a recreational area or workshop.


Basement Floor Coating

Applying floor coating to a garage floor will protect the floor from stains, cracks, and deterioration. However, not all floor coatings are the same. Exopy has been a popular floor coating, but it is not nearly as effective as polyurea. Exopy flooring takes a longer time to cure, and it can start fading quickly compared to polyurea. Custom coated garage floors are easier to clean, hide cracks and stains, and are protected against deterioration. Colorado Concrete Restoration Floor Coatings recommends polyurea as it not only makes your garage look nicer, it enhances the safety of the garage. Here are a few other reasons why polyurea is recommended as the best garage flooring solution:

  • UV resistant
  • Waterproof
  • Resistant against extremely high temperatures
  • Fast-curing, taking only a few hours instead of days
  • Easy to maintain
  • Strong, non-bubbling, crystal-clear finish
  • Non-slip surface
  • No harmful VOCs, unlike epoxy
  • Antibacterial and nontoxic
  • Multiple colors, designs and pattern options

Coating a basement flooring is a wise idea even if you plan on carpeting or placing hardwood over the floor eventually. A few coats of polyurea will create a moisture barrier, preventing future water damage from occurring. Within a few hours, the basement flooring will be completely dried and ready to use when you trust the experts at Colorado Concrete Restoration Floor Coatings.

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