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Welcome to Colorado Concrete Restoration, the ultimate destination for garage enthusiasts and the leading garage floor installer in Colorado, serving our valued users with top-notch services! Located in Metro Denver area.

Englewood Colorado Custom Floor Coatings

Englewood homeowners rejoice! Colorado Concrete Restorationd Custom Floor Coatings is here to help you transform unsightly concrete using our polyurea floor coatings. Garage floors are known for having a lot of foot traffic and can quickly have stains, cracks, and even be dangerous. Transforming the garage floor is easy to do by adding a floor coating. However, not all floor coatings are the same. Epoxy is commonly used by Englewood residents, but it can be difficult to work with and can require continual maintenance in the near future. In addition, epoxy can take upwards of a week to completely dry. We have a solution designed to let you use your garage again within hours of application of our floor coating!

Why Paint a Garage Floor

Purchasing an epoxy kit at a home improvement store is common, but these kits are not designed to last for the long term. If you want to paint your garage floor once and be done, we recommend calling our office. We specialize in using polyurea / and 100% Solid Epoxy floor coatings. 

  • Waterproof
  • UV and heat resistant
  • Non-toxic
  • Slip and stain resistant
  • Crystal-clear finish
  • Rapid drying time
  • Durable
  • No harmful VOCs

Proper application of polyurea will protect the concrete from additional stains, cracks, and overall damage. At Colorado Concrete Restoration Floor Coatings, we focus on providing professional installation of floor coating and help homeowners transform concrete from unsightly to desirable.

Preparing a Garage Floor for Polyurea

Anyone planning to paint the garage needs to do proper preparation for the area first. Everything must be removed from the garage in order to have full access to the flooring. All cracks, scratches, stains, and other imperfections need to be cleaned and repaired prior to painting the floor coating to ensure a strong bond with the concrete surface. We often are called in to help fix garages that homeowners tried to paint on their own but had problems with moisture as it leads to problems with the bonding process. Our experts have the right training, tools, and experience needed to properly paint the floor coating in the right manner.


Floor Coating for Concrete

Our floor coating is not only designed for garages, we can use it on any concrete surface. We often transform patios, porches, and basements into unique surfaces with our large variety of polyurea coating solutions. We recommend painting your exterior concrete as it not only looks better, the coating will protect the concrete from additional cracking, fading, stains, and damage. We can add other elements to the coating to provide additional protection against slips and falls.

Why Choose Colorado Concrete Restoration Floor Coatings?

Don’t waste time trying to paint the concrete yourself. Trust our certified experts to handle the job on your behalf. Not only do we have all the tools, training, and experience you need, we can complete the job within hours, allowing you to have full access to your concrete the same day. No more waiting for weeks for the flooring to dry! Contact Colorado Concrete Restoration Floor Coatings today to provide Denver homeowners with a solution for unsightly concrete

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