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Littleton Custom Floor Coatings

Have you ever worried about dropping your tools in the garage and having them crack the concrete flooring? Many homeowners are looking for simple ways to add some personality to their homes, without spending a fortune. Hiring a professional to transform your garage with floor coating is a great way to spend a little and gain a lot! At Solid Custom Floor Coatings, we help Littleton residents with garage floor coating designed to protect against oil, grease, gas, and more.

Garage flooring is not resistant to everything, which is why you often see gas and oil stains on a concrete surface. We use a polyurea coating, which is designed to withstand a number of elements and has benefits over paint and epoxy coating including:

  • Waterproof
  • UV resistant
  • Non-toxic
  • Heat resistant
  • Durable
  • Crystal-clear finish
  • Slip and stain resistant
  • No harmful VOCs

Paint is Not Proper Garage Flooring

One of the elements that makes a garage floor stand out is to avoid paint, which will chip, crack, and peel. Epoxy is commonly used by homeowners as you can purchase kits on the market, but most people find out epoxy is not the best solution for long-lasting durability. Epoxy can also take weeks to properly set, whereas the polyurea coating can be set and ready to drive on by the end of the day.

We place a thick coating of polyurea to ensure it does a great job covering all the cracks, chips, and imperfections of the garage floor. Our focus is to make your garage floor look new and unique for years to come. We like polyurea because it’s easy to clean and it is slip-resistant.


High Quality Garage Floor Coating Will Pay Off

In our time, many of us are using our garages as extensions of our homes. Whether the garage floor is designed to be a place just to park the cars or a place for a workout, the garage is an area you should not neglect. If you’ve been curious about garage flooring, here are some reasons why you will notice that a garage floor coating will pay off:

  • Garage floors with coating will stay cleaner, which means less dust and other debris getting into the home.
  • Garage floor coating helps your cars stay cleaner. Not only does the floor keep your home cleaner, the coating will help to keep the cars cleaner by trapping that dust that could get into your car when you’re opening and closing the doors.
  • Proper garage floor coating will always look new. Our polyurea coating doesn’t fade, stain, or peel.
  • A coated garage floor enhances the curb appeal of your home, making it easier to sell when you’re ready to put it on the market.
  • It’s your home, why not let your extra living space look nice?

Custom Floor Coating for Porch and Patios

Solid Custom Floor Coatings not only can seal concrete floors for other projects including patios and porches. We often recoat floors for businesses and can assist with remodeling projects in need of flooring facelifts. Working with our trained professionals ensures the job will be done right, and will be completed on time. We know how important it is to have use of concrete areas, which is another reason we enjoy working with polyurea as it’s ready to use within a matter of hours, not days!

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