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Welcome to Colorado Concrete Restoration, the ultimate destination for garage enthusiasts and the leading garage floor installer in Colorado, serving our valued users with top-notch services! Located in Metro Denver area.

Westminster Custom Floor Coatings

Our garage floors are one of the most-used floors in the home. From foot traffic to vehicle traffic, the garage floor is responsible for alot and it’s exposed to a number of elements. Concrete is vulnerable to problems with staining and cracking. Protecting this concrete flooring is necessary and easy to do with floor coating. Solid Custom Floor Coatings specializes in polyurea floor coating in Westminster and surrounding areas.


Coated Concrete Flooring Is Cleaner

When you opt for a coated floor, you will see an improvement in the amount of dust, dirt, pollen and other elements that get into the home. A coated floor is easy to clean with just a broom and annual cleaning with a hose and water. Plus, it is resistant to oil stains and helps to keep the whole garage looking cleaner.

We often find concrete coating to be a great solution for a quick facelift to the patio or porch. Coating the area will help to keep it protected against the elements and does improve the curb appeal of your home. Unlike paint which is prone to chipping and peeling, proper concrete coating will protect the concrete from the elements which we commonly experience in Westminster.

Improve Your Curb Appeal With Floor Coating

When you use floor coating on the patio or in the garage, it’s a great way to give your home that extra “pop” it needs to stand out in a real estate listing. Keeping the home cleaner is easier with a coated floor that reduces the amount of dust and dirt that gets inside. As the home stays cleaner, you don’t have carpeting and other flooring that looks worn out. The more the home stays in a “new” condition, the higher the overall resale value will be.


Why You Should Coat Your Garage Floor

The garage floor can easily have a crack in it when you accidentally drop a tool. When you have a coating over the concrete, it’s protected against a crack from a tool that falls. Garage floor coating is an affordable way to protect the garage floor against cracks, breaks, and staining. Rain, salt, and snow no longer cause problems for your concrete!

Take a look at your garage floor, does it have stains and cracks? If you are seeing oil and gas stains, and you are almost embarrassed by the way it looks, consider garage floor coating. A coated garage floor looks nicer from a plain concrete slab with oil stains all over it. Coating the floor will hide the blemishes that you dislike and actually brightens the look of the room because the coating sheen reflects light.

Unlike the epoxy coating kits you can see at the store, we primarily use polyurea as it is a higher quality. In addition polyurea includes several other benefits such as:

  • Waterproof
  • UV resistant
  • Non-toxic
  • Heat resistant
  • Durable
  • Crystal-clear finish
  • Slip and stain resistant
  • No harmful VOCs

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If you would like to seal your concrete flooring, trust the experts at Solid Custom Floor Coatings. We have worked with several Westminster residents with remodeling projects, business projects and facelift flooring. Contact our experts to schedule a consultation for your floor coating needs

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